IT Ninja

Swift code killers. They will even program in broad daylight.


IT Ninja

You possess a critical, analytical, and creative mind. You make and break code without any effort. And besides that, you’re a social butterfly too! You are the newest IT-star in the sky and the world is ready for your talents.


Ninjas are real programming heroes with feeling for logic

  • They are thorough and have an analytic way of thinking
  • They are able to transform ideas to code
  • They are the best at logical reasoning
  • They are able to find causal connections in digital changes
  • They are fluent in languages such as .NET, Python, C# and Java, or willing to learn them


Wim den Engelsman
Bosch Rexroth

Beautiful things happen when you connect this with the extant expertise and experience. Together, you start to make things happen. A breath of fresh air can make a world of difference.


IT Ninjas are the creators of the digital world of the future

  • Even in their sleep, they are building websites
  • They get a kick out of code changing the world
  • They want to understand, figure out, and build systems


Positions for IT Ninjas

IT Ninjas often start their careers with positions such as

  • Software developer/Software engineer
  • Software tester
  • Application administrator
  • Functional administrator


My role is small, but through my ingenuity and knowledge I hope to add value to the end result.


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