Engineering Genius

Heroes with a sharp mind and sharp callipers. Messy hair optional.


Engineering Genius

Growing up, you always had the best tree house in the neighbourhood. You have a technical background, you’re a problem solver and you can’t wait to apply the knowledge you’ve gained. We desperately need up-and-coming techies with plenty of motivation and talent like you.


An Engineering Genius is a mastermind in transforming ideas into specific plans.

  • They can work miracles with a pencil and ruler.
  • They are precise and can transform vague ideas into specific plans.
  • They have considerable technical insight. Where others see an incomprehensible machine, an Engineering Genius immediately sees and understands the system behind it.
  • They are good at collaborating on projects.
  • They have amazing problem-solving capabilities.


Vincent van Slagmaat
STI Engineering 

It’s a joy to see new talent develop.


Engineering Geniuses are the designers and creators of the future.

  • They stay abreast of the latest techniques and developments.
  • They spend their Sunday off designing a tooth-brushing robot.
  • They come up with solutions that no one has considered (and occasionally solve problems no one has come across yet).
  • They don’t just think ‘out of the box’; they redesign the box.
  • They aren’t afraid to get their hands dirty.


Positions for Engineering Geniuses

Engineering Geniuses often work as:

  • Software Engineers
  • Electronics Engineers
  • Mechanical Engineers
  • Mechanical Engineering draftsmen
  • Planning Engineers
  • Project Leaders
  • Project Engineers


When others say they believe in you and act accordingly, you are extra motivated to achieve your full potential.


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