The perfect kick start to your career

A perfect match with surprising clients


Spring Professional

The world is in a state of rapid transition. Professions that still existed yesterday, will be obsolete or completely changed tomorrow. New ways of working. Digital first.

These are the challenges of the modern era. Spring Professional is the solution that The Adecco Group has developed to tackle this revolution on the labour market. A new brand, ready to face the new economy. Spring Professional helps young talent and organisations make a real difference.


Our world needs new heroes

Everything is changing at an incredible rate. To stay abreast of the whirlwind of technological and social change we have to make the most of young talent. People with innovative minds, who don’t just go along with the status quo. People who want to make a real difference.

People like you

Spring Professional helps young professionals become the best version of themselves they could possibly be. A perfect match in a challenging environment.


The perfect kick start to your career

Our tailor-made traineeships help young professionals start their careers with confidence. What’s on your resume is not what interests us: we focus on your future, not your past. Your personal goals, way of thinking, ability to learn and motivations are our commodities.


A new name, a tried and tested method

Spring Professional is an Adecco Group brand built on the foundations of Ajilon Young Professionals, which has been developing fruitful collaborations between our talented young professionals and organisations for the past 30 years. Spring Professional continues its tradition of unique selection, talent development and personal attention.


Happy clients

At Spring Professional we like to do things our own way. Not because we are stubborn (although we are a bit headstrong), but mostly because our ambition is boundless. Why not read what our clients think about collaborating with us?

talent talk

Happy talent

Where will I end up? I can hardly wait for what’s coming.
spring professional information legendAlex DijkstraTrainee Information Management
Spring Professional respects you like an employee, even if you are only just starting your career.
Spring professional IT ninjaGerard SpierenburgTrainee IT
My current role is pretty modest, but I’m hoping to add value to the bigger picture using my inventiveness and knowledge.
Spring professional IT ninjaAlex HebingTrainee Software Development
This traineeship is a personal journey for me.
spring professional information legendJoost van ZuijlekomTrainee Information Management
When others express their confidence in your abilities and act accordingly, you will be even more motivated to reach your full potential.
spring professional engineering geniusJoep BakermansTrainee Characterization Engineering


Is your organisation ready to take the leap?

Opting for Spring Professional is to select driven, digital natives who recently graduated or have some work experience. This makes it possible for your organisation to quickly and efficiently involve young talent. We guarantee intensive coaching and mentoring. Our young professionals get everything they need to boost your organisation.


Our Talent Scouts are here for you

Whether you have already decided on your career’s course or are still looking for what you want: we can help you find the best fit. Don’t over-focus on your degree’s field - your ambition and enthusiasm are your most important assets. Our Talent Scouts are here to help you discover all the options for your future.